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We Create Stories. Characters. Worlds.

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Blackthorn is a team of Academy & Emmy Award winning content creators, network executives, and entertainment businessmen with the vision and executional expertise for creating VR content that fully realizes the potential of this new medium.


Using industry-defining technology, world-class talent, and compelling stories in CGI, we are producing content that appeals to the entertainment masses - not just gamers.

We brought to life some of the most valuable franchises in movie and television history, generating billions of dollars in revenue.

Creatively, everything we do at Blackthorn is built for VR from the ground up at the highest level the technology permits. We are creating content that far exceeds 360 video.  Six degrees of freedom, true stereo vision and interactive narrative are all requirements for ‘presence’ and agency in VR.


Our titles take complete advantage of what VR can be to fully immerse the audience in the stories, characters, and worlds we bring to life.

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"Holy f#@&ing happiness!!"


                            -Blackbox TV

“My personal favorite and most convincing was Blackthorn Media’s Dragonflight, which put me on the back of a winged

fire-breathing reptile that would make How to Train Your

Dragon’s Hiccup or Harry Potter jealous.”


"The Best VR from the TriBeCa Film Festival: “... It's both pretty audacious and pretty fun.”


                                                -The Verge

"Immersive and delightful.”


                                       -NY Observer

"Adrenaline inducing.”


                  -Filmmaker magazine

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“The gothic Myst of Virtual Reality.”


-The Verge

“Immersive, creepy, fun. A great


showcase of room scale’s capabilities.”



           “I’ll be buying this on day one.”



                     “I couldn’t stop…”


                            - STEAM fan comments

95% positive reviews

“Enthralled by the mysterious world.”


-The Guardian


Michael is a prolific author and designer with over twenty years experience in industry-leading computer generated entertainment. Prior to writing and directing Blackthorn's first VR projects, The Abbot's Book and Dragonflight, he worked as a digital FX supervisor at Rhythm and Hues Studios on films garnering numerous Oscar nominations for their stunning execution. He has been instrumental in shaping cutting edge CG technology throughout his career.

LARRY W. JONES - CEO: Larry has 25+ years of media management experience

leading a multi-billion dollar division of Viacom, most recently running all aspects of the TV Land network. Jones oversaw the network’s linear and digital content creation, executive producing over 300 sitcom episodes and hour-long specials during his tenure, in addition to managing acquisitions, programming, marketing, branding, sponsorships, ad sales and press.

JUBIN DAVE - CORPORATE STRATEGY: Jubin has extensive experience as a digital FX supervisor, lighting supervisor and a senior software engineer at Rhythm & Hues Studios, then as a technical director at Walt Disney Animation Studios. He has broad expertise on complex projects supervising large, multi-disciplinary teams of artists, technologists, and production staff spread over multiple locations. Jubin has worked on multiple films that have garnered accolades and box office success (Golden Compass, Narnia, Zootopia.)

LYNDON BARROIS - ANIMATION DIRECTOR / CO-FOUNDER: Lyndon is an accomplished stop-motion and CG character animation expert whose career spans across a variety of animation and visual effects studios. He played a pivotal role in creating the spectacular groundbreaking visual effects of  The Matrix series and The Tree of Life. His directing and management of a vast team of animators drove Alvin & the Chipmunks into a billion dollar franchise.

KEITH GOLDFARB - CHIEF SOFTWARE ARCHITECT / CO-FOUNDER: Keith is an Academy Award winning artist and co-founder of Rhythm & Hues Studios where his outstanding pioneering visual effects were honored with dozens of awards including Oscars, Baftas and Cleos. Over Keith’s career he has invented, designed, directed and managed massive pipeline production techniques and environments that are praised and imitated across the industry today.

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